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Home Stay [19 Oct 2007|06:11pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

My homestay Host's son owns a shop in Cork and Andrienne (hostess) said to check it out tomorrow when i go there.
turns out its a head shop!


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[02 Sep 2007|08:30pm]
Today was really lame

I got out of bed really early because I had terrible stomach cramps.

I feel sad, because Sarah and Britney are complete bitches. They told everyone I have an STD, just because I slept with both of their boyfriends on Saturday night.

I'm so sad. My kitten got run over this afternoon. I found him when I was coming home from school. His head was all squished. I took some photos. I'll miss him. Poor kitty.

Last night I had to shave my entire body. Apparently, the lice that I caught from Amanda's friend are really hard to get rid of. I look quite strange with no hair and eyebrows. I'd post pictures, but my webcam is broken.

I want to tell the world how hot chuck is.

I am really annoyed with those assholes at _are_you_hotter_than_us_?, because I am so much cuter than them, and those photos don't do me justice. They can't reject me, so I'm starting my own rating community. Click here to join (the first five applicants are automatically accepted).

Today, I got a digital camera! Yes! Here's ten thousand photographs of my cat.

I want to say thanks to simon and Abbey and Dave and the other Simon for helping me on Saturday. You guys are the best. By the way, if you happen to find my wallet, keys or underwear, could you SMS me? Adrian has my number.

I went to the doctor yesterday, and he said I have bipolar disorder, and should stop smoking drugs.

You should all do this quiz! It's amazingly accurate. You just put in your name and birthday, and it will tell you you're a moron.

I did this in high school and thought it was funny then. Not sure if it's funny now. Oh well I'm that bored.

That's enough for now. But I'll leave you with this poem I wrote. It's about my friend Robert, who has bipolar disorder. Just like me. And Heidi.

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[02 Sep 2007|02:52pm]
I leave for Ireland in exactly one week. WTF, I'm so not ready. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHH
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Really annoying asshole speaker is quitting [18 Aug 2007|11:43am]

"I'm not going to be able to go the distance, but that's primarily for financial reasons." Snow said. "I've told people when my money runs out, then I've got to go."

According to The Washington Post, Snow makes $168,000 as the White House spokesman.

So basically he quit doing radio and tv shows to be work for the white house but has to quit early because his salary is too low. My god, thats still much much much higher than the average american makes for doing far more than making asshole remarks to reporters who question Bush.
I don't even know if together my parents make that much money.

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[15 Aug 2007|03:45pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Weather.com is ALWAYS wrong.
It's constintely saying its going to rain.. but it DOESNT. It says:

Scattered Strong Storms
86°F 40% 72°F 74% From SE 11 mph
Scattered Strong Storms
87°F 40% 73°F 77% From SE 11 mph
Scattered T-Storms
87°F 40% 73°F 77% From ESE 11 mph
Scattered T-Storms
85°F 40% 72°F 76% From E 10 mph

And it has said that all afternoon... but nothing.
I want to go out and do stuff, but if its raining i'll wear different shoes and bring a sweatshirt (my umbrella is broken)
This site says its going to rain like everyday. and I wouldnt pay attention except early it said 50% chance of rain, which is pretty high..And now its kinda sunny... wtf.

i'm just whiney.
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geeeez. [13 Aug 2007|12:27pm]
[ mood | bored ]

So obviously I never got a job and by the time I decided to take summer classes they were all closed (the ones I needed). So basically I completely failed this summer. But then, my old dance teacher gave me some hours in her office doing random stuff. Which was great pay. And then she offered me a job for the week at the dance workshops. thats six days 9-3 at 10 bucks an hour. That'd be great pay, but as dumb and slow as I am, I didn't get back to her in time so she got someone else. So there goes 360 possible dollars. But if the other girl can't make the other days, I'm definitely taking their spot.
Ugh, I'm never going to be a stay at home wife. I feel so useless. Uggggggggh. Well that'll change winter quarter when I come back when I have work study and HAVE to work. Oh well.

Superbad comes out Friday... Yaaaay.

I need to do stuff this week to make me not feel like I completely wasted a week.

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[08 Aug 2007|11:43am]
[ mood | hungry ]

Everytime I turn on the news they talk about all new things that we're getting from China that are going to KILL PEOPLE!
I love how our country bans trading with Cuba because their a communist country yet so is China (although I believe WORSE) and we get EVERYTHING from them.

The humidity sucks.

Lollapalooza was fun.

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Money Whores? [11 Jul 2007|11:16am]
[ mood | hungry ]

The Pumpkins released FOUR different versions of their album.
A regular red version, a special more expensive version with a book, a best buy version and a target version.
Each one of these has a different bonus track. So ideally you'd want to buy ALL of them. spending probably over 60 on that PLUS the single for 12 bucks.
I understand the first two, but a best buy and targer version? Why is that necessary other than for more money?
Maybe I'm missing something.

Last week I made a comment on the pumpkins myspace about how they shouldn't be calling themselves a chicago band because they are playing as far away as possible and only coastal shows and this dumb bitch from california FLIPPED out at me. She clearly doesn't know billy at all because she insisted that "just because they're FROM chicago doesn't mean they have to play in chicago" and "billy doesn't control where they play, they have contracts they have to stick to" "and they're not coming to my city, i have to drive out of town to see them
Um you live in a suburb in california in the middle of nowhere I LIVE IN CHICAGO.
So all those newspaper adds he took out IN chicago about chicago and the pumpkins mean nothing?
And since when does someone control billy? A record release in DC just DOES NOT MAKE SENSE.

She finally stopped sending me crazy ass messages, but had she sent me one I would have said:
Sorry, I'm just spoild. I am from Chicago and saw the pumpkins when I was five or six in Michigan on the Siamese Dream tour. And then again at their second to last show at the United Center in Chicago. After that I was at EVERY SINGLE THING HE DID IN CHICAGO. the poetry, the book signing, the accoustic solo show, the zwan shows in chicago and milwaukee, and then the solo shows here. So fucking suck it you lame ass new fan.


I have a feeling that a lot of the fans that are really into this reunion didn't listen to the pumpkins before. Most of the people i know that are my age didnt listen to the pumpkins until they broke up.
As much as i think the new album is embaressing (vocally, and the lyrics) live his voice is better than ever.
But I'll be in Europe when he does his "huge special chicago show"

OH well.

I still haven't bought my plane tickets to Ireland! fuuuck.

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[02 Jul 2007|12:58pm]
By the way, since when do we call fourth of july "freedom day?"
Luna carpets is calling it Freedom Day. That's so lame.
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Pumpkins [02 Jul 2007|12:46pm]
[ mood | cold ]

I listened to the new album. I really like United States. Although, he sounds like a couple pansy in the vocal area. ( i know, that was a lame comment, but seriously, he needs to mix it up. It use to be a mix of soft vocals and really raw vocals, and that's what made his music unique and so sweeeet... now its just really soft and clean.. ew)  except for maybe united states, that song is just so sweet.
lyrics blow, but whatever live it wn't matter.  Are they playing all the bands on tv on Saturday for live earth? I'm totally going home to watch that on our new 61 inch tv... oh mannnn

I was really upset when I learned I wouldn't be seeing them before I leave for Ireland (although we might drive to Montreal the weekend before I have to leave to see them)... now I'm kind of over it. The hype was fun, but this doesn't really seem like the pumpkins. It just seems like "dark zwan" which is fine, but i'm not going to cream my pants about it.

I took Chuck to see Ben Folds for his birthday. Unfortunately he was opening for John Mayer which meant it was vagina city.  The bitches next to us would not shut up during the last few ben folds songs. I wanted to ruin John Mayer for htem, but didn't need to because one of them dropped 20 bucks so we made twenty bucks seeing John Mayer. sweeeet.

Kathleen's graduation party was fun. I got wayyy too drunk though. Omg, we had a margarita machine and we took some patron shots.

This new science building they're building better be so effing sweet, because I can't sleep in anymore because of the construction. Oh well, I need a job anyways.
Minimum wage went up so that's pretty sweet.

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Study Abroad [22 Jun 2007|09:00am]
[ mood | content ]

I picked the worst time to go to Europe.
I should have gone when Lauren was going and travel around with her and go to the first pumpkins show. I'd be back by now and able to see the pumpkins wherever they play.  There is word they'll play at that voodoo fest in new orleans, normally i wouldn't even think about going but chuck just told me last night his family down there said we should visit... two in one.

oh well, if i went in the winter i would have missed an entire quarter of school and that would have been really bad if i'm trying to keep on schedule. I might actually be done a quarter early, or at least only have to take three classes the last quarter.

I got my grades

A soc 390
A soc 331
B+ religion
B ecology

pretty sweet. that religion class was really hard, i'm glad i got a B+
Apperently the Irish program is really 'easy' in that the professors all know you are there for the internship so they are easy on you if you go to class (apperently some kids went to class drunk, even the final, and did ok) and then intership, you basically get an A if you do the work the person assigns you. so that'll be sweet.

Um, ok nothing more to say i guess..

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Dear Rage Against the Machine.. [15 Jun 2007|10:34pm]
[ mood | eh... ]

WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!??!  Sixty fucking dollars for lawn seats at your show... um yeah ok.
Act like you're against capitalism and then do that. guh... fuck that.

I know you could say, "well its 60 for two bands so it's like 30 each and that's not that bad."
But still, it's just disgusting to me.

Also, I learned an important lesson today. I really don't like going to the movies when other people are there.
Every fucking time I go to the movies I sit in front of some middle aged bitch woman who decides she's going to have a conversation with the people on the screen.  Knocked Up was funny, but it would have been a lot funnier if i didnt hear her going "what's a bj?!" and then minutes after the audience laughs "hahaha Oh man!!!" (very awkward)
Or during Blades of Glory "hahaha nooo hahaha" CONSTANTLY
But one time chuck and i saw a movie at like 2 in the afternoon... three other people. so nice.

I just can't be around people anymore. they drive me nuts.

Oh, and I'm finally out of loft-right. I will miss the air-condition from overhead rather than from the floor... that's just soooo nice. But i really like our new place. much better location and no bros!!!!

I'm going to Crystal Lake for the week. I need to be productive.

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[06 Jun 2007|11:56am]
I'm going to Paris for FREE when I'm in Ireland. They're taking on us on a vacation there in Oct.

We moved in, but i'm not completely moved in because I still have my place at the loft... and our place doesnt have the internet or tv yet so its booooorrrring.

blah. i'm bored.
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[18 May 2007|05:20pm]
Hahaha http://www.spinner.com/2007/05/11/my-chemical-romance-fans-send-death-threats-to-restaurant/

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CTA [18 May 2007|12:25pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Why is the CTA going to increase fare costs? In New York, it's 2.00 and they have more passengers and more lines... they also are ontime WAY more than YOU are.
In paris, the metro is 2,70 euro... which is about 2 american dollars.
I just don't get why you don't have enough money. Do you think you should cost more than two other MAJOR world cities?
Also, I highly doubt, that once everythings done they won't lower the price.
This blows.

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[17 May 2007|12:51pm]
[ mood | okay ]


Ok, i go to this site through a bunch of random links on this community from my other lj. and read this disturbing thread. HOW OLD ARE THESE PEOPLE?
Look at the way this girl talks, she says doesent... um, i understand that there are uneducated people, but COME ON!? plus, a lot of people on here seem to be middle school to early high school, which creeps me out becuase they're like "ugh, my boyfriend doesn't like going down on me.. " Well maybe it's because he's 15. I dont know, maybe I'm just werid.
Maybe I'll never get past  internet talk. I just don't get how that's easier...

For the one year,  chuck and i went to the cheese cake factory and then to the bookstore because Chuck Palahniuk was there. Although, the line of people and who the people were, were just too annoying to wait around for. 

Tonight is Animal Collective. We'll see how that goes.
Tomorrow, I dunno.
Saturday Crystal Lake
Sunday Pumpkins tickets?

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[16 May 2007|12:54pm]
My favorite thing about the new pumpkins...
republican/conservative fans HATE them... GOOD, go back to listening to hick shit music like you should.

Omg a band is making a political/environmental statement that you are against! OH NO!!!
All this bitch fitting about this is hilarious and i hope to god these people don't show up at shows.

The most disgusting thing I have ever seen is a conservative rage against the machine and radiohead fan. That's just wrong.
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[16 May 2007|01:16am]
[ mood | annoyed ]


Rudy makes me want to puke.

Btw, Chuck and I have been going out for a year today (the 16th). daaaamn.
maybe tomorrow i'll talk about it! lol

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Rant! [09 May 2007|10:26am]
[ mood | blah ]

"I think there are differences between different faiths in this country. And there will be battles between different religions," Romney said. "That's a great thing about this country. We don't decide who's going to be in office based on what church they go to."

Ok, so that's what the mormon republican candidate said.
He must be living in a different world.
Uh... all the presidents have been...

Episcopalian 11 26.2% 1.7% 15.4
Presbyterian 10 23.8% 2.8% 5.1
Methodist 5 11.9% 8.0% 1.5
Baptist 4 9.5% 18.0% 0.5
Unitarian 4 9.5% 0.2% 47.5
Disciples of Christ 3 7.1% 0.4% 18.7
Dutch Reformed 2 4.8% 0.1% 48.0
Quaker 2 4.8% 0.7% 6.9
Congregationalist 2 2.4% 0.6% 4.0
Catholic 1 2.4% 24.5% 0.1
Jehovah's Witness 1 2.4% 0.6% 6.0
TOTAL 42 100% 57.0%  

As you can see, its pretty much all protestant presidents.  And all the weird looking ones are Protestant, and I'm assuming from years ago.
So yes, it does matter, and people DO vote for you based on what church you go to which is why this mormon guy will not be elected and why an athiest will not be elected or a catholic (people STILL think everyone is SO devoted to their religion that they'd let the pope run the country... not likely).
Christians in this country make me want to puke. It SHOULDN'T matter what religion a president is.. in fact I hope I see the day when at least an agnostic WOMAN/man is elected.  I consider myself Catholic, not strict, but I definitely don't mix politics with religion... or you know what I DO...JESUS WAS LIBERAL, there's no way he wouldn't be here today and fighting for gay rights, womans rights, minorities rights, he would definitely NOT be starting a useless war, or steal money through big corporations.
I have no idea how republican people sleep at night thinking they're living their lives through god and step over the lives of others.
If you're a huge corporate leader (WAL MART) and you consider yourself a "follower of christ" then you are CRAZY.  Taking jobs away from the poor and giving them your low wage low benifit job is WRONG... sending work overseas to sweatshops is WRONG... building your ugly stores on ancient ruins and burrials is WRONG. Religious Republicans are neither 'good christians" nor very "patriotic".
Anyways... I did a lot of judging there and I don't care. I'm just sick of religion being a political issue when it should be personal. We make it public until someone breaks their religious believes (like that evengelical minister who was fucking a man whore) then its a personal thing... hm...
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I love this site... [03 May 2007|12:33pm]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

Wait, Isn't Lou Reed Still Alive?

Stoned hipster #1: Dude, Van Gogh is the Sex Pistols.
Stoned hipster #2: Huh?
Stoned hipster #1: Because, think about it: Van Gogh never sold a painting while he was alive, and the Sex Pistols never won any awards or nothing. Yet they're both appreciated in our time.
Stoned hipster #2: It's more like Van Gogh is The Velvet Underground.
Stoned hipster #1: Oh my god, Van Gogh is so The Velvet Underground!

--Bowery Ballroom

I use to be in an overheard in chicago, but it was definitely not as active as this one.

So it's going to be in the 80s soon.. YUCK. I hate it when it gets that warm out. I really like being comfortable in jeans and a top... not feeling like its hot and sticky and gross out. and they said this summer will have lots of 90 degree weather... FUCK THAT
Ireland has the PERFECT weather... it's always fall or spring. The highest average tempature is 65 and the lowest is about 40 (in the dead of winter!) so i'm excited !
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